Electric Blackhead Remover
Electric Blackhead Remover
Electric Blackhead Remover
Electric Blackhead Remover
Electric Blackhead Remover
Electric Blackhead Remover
Electric Blackhead Remover

Electric Blackhead Remover

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Remove unwanted blackheads without pain and without harming your skin.

Most people are suffering from Blackheads and try to squeeze them manually which is very painful and may harm the skin.

Are you tired of manually squeezing & removing the pores and blackheads on your skin?

Are you looking for a better way to naturally remove these pores & blackheads without any harmful effects to your skin?

Well, we have just the right tool for your needs! Vacuum Blackhead remover which removes the blackheads & the pores from your skin in just 10 minutes. This device removes the blackheads in such a delicate way that your skin feels so fresh and shiny.

So just buy this device and forget about the severe acne problem.

Not only blackheads but this device can also be used for removing, whiteheads, acne, pimple, makeup residue, oil residue, and dead skin along with other skin problems


  1. Deep Pore Cleansing - Thoroughly removes anything trapped deep in the pores and sucks out any impurities you might face in your daily life.
  2. Skin Rejuvenation - The exfoliating tip provides a non-intruding scrip treatment on the top skin layer and removes dead skin cells.
  3. Face Lifting Features - Our skin suction system creates stimulation which grants a gentle firming effect on your skin.
  4. Wrinkle Smoothing - Since our facial vacuum massages your face, it opens up blood circulation and tightens your face, this is the key to cell renewal and wrinkle smoothing.
  5. Great for all skin types - Normal, rough, wrinkled, oily, dry, or sensitive, no matter what kind of skin you have you'll benefit from Blackhead Vacuum.
  6. Easy to use - This blackhead removal tool is easy to use, easy to carry and lightweight, and is a USB charger that is ideal for home or travel.
  7. Made of ABS material, adopt smart vacuum suction technology, not only keep suction power within a safe, non-toxic and painless condition, but also can easily and quickly remove the stubborn blackhead if you use the stronger power.

How To Use

  1. Use a hot steamer or hot towel for 3-5 minutes to open pores after washing face. 
  2. Choose the appropriate probe and install
  3. Turn on the blackhead remover machine, move gently on skin
  4. After use, apply a cold mask or toner machine to shrink the pores.

Material: Plastic
Size: 180x40x55mm

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